Making Room

Last winter I had the privilege of taking a class in Heart Rythym Meditation. It’s a way of meditating that connects your breath with your heartbeat. A few days into the class I noticed I was having chest pains, not the kind that gets you reaching for the phone to dial 9-1-1 but a dull achiness that meant my body had something to say.

One day when I sat during meditation I asked my heart what did it mean, what could I do for it. And the words came almost as clearly as if they had been spoken: “make room.”

My mind immediately came back with: “Make room for what?” My house was relatively clean, my meditation space as well. My clothes were comfortable, unrestricting. I had set aside 20 minutes twice a day as the class required. What in the world was I making room for?

When the meditation time was up, or perhaps even a little after the meditation, a soft thought came to me like a warm summer breeze: make room in your life for the changes you’re about to see, for the life you want to live, for the person you want to be. It wasn’t really about the physical space, it was about the mental and spiritual spaces in my life. About allowing myself to honor my heart, its desires, joys and sorrows.

The journey since has been amazing. Not smooth, not winning-the-lottery prosperous. But incredible, rich growth. Courage and strength. Joy and freedom. The ability to be truly present with another. In making room, I’ve had to remain open to possibilities and to let go of the outcomes I think I desire. I’ve also had to be open to small changes and to do them with consistency when that is appropriate.

Those who know me might not have noticed any changes in me. I still look the pretty much the same and act in many ways the same, perhaps with less of an edge on some days. But I know changes have happened in my inner world and continue to do so. I’ve made room inside for whatever is coming next, can you?

This blog is intended to be gently thought-provoking. It is not intended to substitute for competent, professional, personalized therapy, coaching or consultation. If something you read here evokes a strong response that hinders your ability to cope with life, please seek professional help.
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