Blessings of Insomnia

A few nights ago one of my kids got sick. I was up with her from 3:00 am on, and although my energy was low the next day from not enough sleep, the idea of an early bedtime propelled me through that day’s activities. When I went to bed it was purposeful. I was ready. I read before bed and meditated as I fell asleep.  And so I slept. Three hours later a dream hit, one of those “am I awake or is this a dream?” My eyes opened and even in the dark I could see as clearly as in the noonday sun a serious timing issue with an upcoming business project. I woke up and stayed up. Stupid meditation. It relaxed me, in line with my intention to get a good night’s sleep, and all it did was uncover problems.

Yeah, yeah, so where’s the gratitude?  Simple. My insomnia brought to light something I’ve been mostly avoiding and sugar-coating when it crossed my mind. I spent this newly found pocket of time cleaning my desk and clearing my calendar with the uncovered problem–and its solutions–front and center in my mind. What woke me up is really just the tip of an iceberg, and unlike the Titanic, I can adjust course and avoid a personal disaster.

May we all have uninterrupted, restful sleep, except when we need to be awake. For now, I’m going back to bed.

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