Authenticity in the Elevator

This past Monday our Job Seekers group wrote elevator speeches. In case you don’t know what one is, it’s a quick, top-of-mind, articulate answer to the question “What do you do?”

Monday’s exercise was one of those great ideas that no one really wanted to do.

So first we worked through the resistance. And in so doing, we described qualities of good elevator speeches, one of which was that a good one is authentic.

What happened next was amazing. One-by-one group members articulated what it was they deeply wanted to do (it is a job seekers group, after all), who they wanted to work with and under what conditions.

And one-by-one they articulated things they rarely or never shared before. It was a lot like what I described in the earlier post “Oh Yes It Will.” We were cracking the walls of their reservoirs. We were getting to their authentic longings and dreams.

Suddenly the discomfort of “selling” themselves washed away. In its place came hesitancy and fear as well as energy. The elevator speech became two authentic sentences, both scary and sacred, and it’s from this sacredness that energy and strength emerge to overcome the fear.

The point to consider is this: when we’re uncomfortable with something, it may mean that there’s something that rings false for us. Maybe we need to uncover our truth. Let our authenticity energize us and move us forward.

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