I’m a clinical social worker (LCSW) licensed in Illinois with a private coaching and psychotherapy practice since 2008. I also manage the social services of a Suburban Chicago hospice.

My degrees include a BA from the University Wisconsin Milwaukee and an MSW from Loyola University Chicago.

My first career was in marketing communications, public relations and television, with positions at United Way of Greater Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Lottery. After moving to Chicago I struggled to find a good fit in the workplace. From this challenge I developed the philosophy that the right work reflects the meaning one finds in life and that the more in alignment we each are with life’s purpose, the greater vibrancy in our lives.

This philosophy was tested after receiving an ovarian cancer diagnosis and undergoing grueling treatment in 1999. Facing my own mortality underscored the importance of my beliefs in the meaning of life and work.  I changed careers from public relations management into social work, something I had the aptitude and ability for but kept rejecting, mostly from personal arrogance. The transition was relatively smooth professionally and rough personally.  Yet I persevered, believing with all my heart in my purpose in life and eventually reaping benefits and happiness from (finally) aligning my life’s purpose and work.

I am raising two children in Park Ridge, IL.

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