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Letting Go of Resentments

The other day I ran across a quote in the book A Course in Miracles:  “…to forgive the world for the mistakes I made.” Now I know some people consider A Course in Miracles heretical or demonic, and I’m not here to … Continue reading

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Loving Your Fears

What is the opposite of fear? If you’re like many people, you believe that the opposite of fear is courage or faith. And that’s a logical step. Lately, however, that belief no longer seems to fit me, and I’ve found … Continue reading

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Calling Out Your Inner Troll

We all have them, the inner voices that tell us we’re doing something incorrectly, that we’re not “enough”, that we’re unlovable, unworthy, etc.  Many of you may know them as your “inner critic.” Some have described it as “my psycho … Continue reading

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Days of Darkness

It was two years ago that my family experienced its second death in about six months. I remember the sorrow that filled the emptiness from my father’s death. And as I drove to my family’s home town, and daylight made way for … Continue reading

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