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Letting Go of Resentments

The other day I ran across a quote in the book A Course in Miracles:  “…to forgive the world for the mistakes I made.” Now I know some people consider A Course in Miracles heretical or demonic, and I’m not here to … Continue reading

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Love As An Action Verb

For many of us, when we think of Love, of falling in Love, of Loving someone, we think of the feelings we experience: the highs and lows, ecstasy and despair, passion and desperation.  Love is heady and often unrealistically presented … Continue reading

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Best. Christmas. Ever.

It’s becoming a tradition to discuss holiday expectations in the Job Seekers Group. Usually it’s sparked by a commercial for some over-the-top gift, like a new car. The unspoken message we hear is that giving this gift is the best … Continue reading

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Advantages of Giving Thanks

November’s exercise in gratitude brought to mind a couple of interesting things. It’s been suggested that love is a form of deep appreciation for something or someone. Deep appreciation is akin to gratitude, so when we are expressing gratitude, it … Continue reading

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People I Can’t Talk About, part 1

I’m very grateful and very honored for a special group of clients that I’ve worked with for the last couple of years. They are unemployed and have attended the Job Seekers Group at Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Chicago. I won’t … Continue reading

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