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The Me I Like Better

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend. We’ve both been experiencing some challenges in our lives, and we check in often to compare notes and encourage one another. She was describing a challenge in … Continue reading

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I’ll Have What He’s Having

Paul McCartney turns 70 (!) this year. I had the privilege of seeing him last summer when he came to Wrigley Field for a concert. He was amazing. As you can tell by the photo we were way, way up; … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Resentments

The other day I ran across a quote in the book A Course in Miracles:  “…to forgive the world for the mistakes I made.” Now I know some people consider A Course in Miracles heretical or demonic, and I’m not here to … Continue reading

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Love As An Action Verb

For many of us, when we think of Love, of falling in Love, of Loving someone, we think of the feelings we experience: the highs and lows, ecstasy and despair, passion and desperation.  Love is heady and often unrealistically presented … Continue reading

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Rules for Resolutions

Like any good coach with a blog, I’m offering suggestions for transitioning to the new year. This will be a series of posts, and despite the threshold of 2012 tonight, your change can begin anytime. In fact, I’m not even … Continue reading

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