birchstandfallAs a mental health practitioner licensed in Illinois, I treat those who come to me with dignity and respect. Because therapy is reimbursed by health insurance, I follow the medical model of assessment, diagnosis, planning and treatment. That said, despite the label attached to a diagnosis, I believe in the inherent strengths in all people and the positive, healing possibilities in all situations and work with clients “where they are” to utilize their strengths to heal from past experiences and cultivate positive changes in their lives.

Therapy clients meet with me by appointment, and while I am transitioning from one office to another, I generally meet with patients on Chicago’s northwest side or north suburbs.

In special circumstances, I may agree to work with a client in their home or workplace. Unfortunately, my visits to your home or office are not reimbursed by insurance carriers, and I charge my full rate plus mileage and travel time.  In these cases, I will offer you a receipt which you may then submit to your insurance carrier for possible partial reimbursement.

In addition, I accept limited insurance plans. If you desire to work with me,  you will pay for your sessions in full at the time of service. In turn, I will provide a receipt that may allow you to receive partial reimbursement from your carrier for our work together.  Please check your plan for details.

If you have questions, please call 312-925-6124 or email

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